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Tiger M-27 | Superior Abrasion Resistance


Introduction to Tiger M-27® Conveyor Belt

Experience the pinnacle of conveyor belt technology with Tiger M-27®. This state-of-the-art conveyor belt boasts super-high tensile strength and exceptional resistance to abrasion and cuts, making it the ultimate solution for transporting highly abrasive materials. With its superior performance and durability, Tiger M-27® sets a new standard in conveyor belt technology.

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Recommended Applications of Tiger M-27® Conveyor Belt

Tiger M-27® conveyor belt is recommended for a wide range of applications in industries such as:

1. Rubble: Effectively transport rubble materials while ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability in demanding construction projects.

2. Sharp Sand: Safely conveys sharp-edged sand particles without compromising the integrity of the belt, reducing maintenance and downtime.

3. Ground Cement: Handle ground cement with ease and precision, providing efficient and reliable transportation for construction and manufacturing purposes.

4. Clay-Slacked Lime: Convey clay-slacked lime without the risk of belt damage, ensuring smooth operations in lime production facilities.

5. Charcoal: Transport charcoal efficiently while minimizing abrasion and maintaining the quality of the material for various industrial applications.

6. Super Phosphate (Lump and Powder): Handle both lump and powder forms of superphosphate with ease, making it an ideal choice for the fertilizer manufacturing industry.

7. Coal: Ensure reliable and efficient transportation of coal, even in harsh conditions, with Tiger M-27®'s superior resistance to abrasion and cuts.

8. Ashes: Effectively convey ashes while minimizing wear and tear on the belt, ensuring efficient disposal in power plants and other industries.

9. Soda Earth: Handle soda earth materials with ease, providing reliable and long-lasting performance in various applications.

10. Pulp: Transport pulp materials without compromising their quality, making Tiger M-27® an excellent choice for the paper and pulp industry.

Key Features of Tiger M-27® Conveyor Belt

  • Super High Tensile Strength: With unmatched tensile strength, Tiger M-27® can handle heavy loads and high-speed conveying applications with ease.
  • Exceptional Abrasion and Cut Resistance: The belt's superior resistance to abrasion and cuts ensures extended service life and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Optimal Troughing Capability: Tiger M-27® offers excellent troughing capabilities, allowing for efficient material flow and minimizing spillage.
  • Anti-Bent Properties: The belt's anti-bent design ensures smooth and reliable transportation, even on curved conveyor systems.
  • Suitable Distance Conveying: Tiger M-27® is ideal for long-distance conveying applications, providing reliable and efficient material transport.

Choose Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd. for the highest quality Tiger M-27® Super High Tensile Strength Conveyor Belts. With our commitment to excellence and advanced technology, we provide conveyor belt solutions that deliver exceptional performance, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. Trust in our expertise to meet your most demanding material handling needs and drive your operations to new heights.


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